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SiJu Glass

"The imagery of life in my mind is many faceted: overlaid visions, memories, objects, experiences, feelings and movement – which go to make up a rich tapestry to my work."

Silvana has worked in glass (lead light, copper foil and mosaics) since 1997.   At this time, it was a mental release to her day job as a subsea engineer.   She started working in fused glass in 2009 and took a Glass Sculpture unit at ECU.  She has attended numerous courses with renowned glass artists and had pieces in a number of exhibitions.  She won the Emerging Artist Award at MAGE 2014, Mansfield Victoria.  She is also a finalist in the Tom Malone competition in 2017.

Her inspiration comes from her experiences, memories and surroundings, particularly her affinity to water.  Her pieces make use of the glass's properties when hot and molten and also its transparency.

These pieces are made using various techniques.  Different compositions are made using glass powder, glass sheet and frit, and then fused to 800C. They are then cut, joined, more glass added, refused, polished and then slumped to form the final pieces.

I particularly like to ensure I use the fluidity of the glass when it is hot and mobile in many of my works.

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