Energy Of The Land
Mist Rolling Around the Mountain Peak
Seaside Adventure
Noble Falls
Mundaring Weir
Roadside Sunset
Winter Mist Tracks
Working Hard Man
Working Hard Man II
City Never Sleeps
A Plain Lakes and Clearances and Blue-Green Rinses
Sun Reflecting In The Evening Haze
The Sun Sleeps On Misty Mornings
To Walk With Strength and Protection
A Plain Of Lakes and Clearances
Mist Rolling Around The MountainPeak
The First Ship Left At Dawn
City Streets Never Sleep
Seaside Journey
Earth Holds Wood Before Paper
Darling Scarp Winter
Near Dalry Road
Here I Come to Meditate
Mist In Greenmount Hill
The Valley Speaks in Colour
Wanderings at First Light
Sojourn to the Pilbara
The Gap II
The Gap III
The Falls
Moving Petals
New Beginnings 1
New Beginnings 2
New Beginnings 3
The Joy of Knowing
The Valley
Summer is Near

Rachel Gillam

Rachel Gillam is a Western Australian artist living in the foothills of Perth, who has always had a strong need to be creative and hence art is just a natural form of expression and a way of life.

Rachel's preferred mediums are acrylics, sometimes incorporating mixed media such as oils, ink, pastel, and collage. Acrylic paint lets her work spontaneously and allows her to create while the inspiration is fresh.


Rachel paints intuitively, playing with the movement of paint on the canvas and lets the painting tell her what to do. Rachel's paintings are detailed with colour, layers and space resulting in her interpretation of experiences, emotions and places.

Rachel's work is included in private collections in Australia and overseas.