Crispin Akerman

Many of the works have as their central focus the flowers and leaves of plant species native to the South West of Western Australia. Other objects in the paintings are historical, sculptural, or organic in form, and are arranged over underlying geometries, with the space between as important as the objects depicted.


The work is realistic not photographic. The unresolved sections add drama to the work, and heighten the focus of the paintings – the arrangement of objects and the elements of local history and the natural environment.

'Blue Kettle & Bowl with Fruit'
'Blue & Copper Jug with Bloom'
'Dark Green Kettle with Lemons'
'Milk Jug, Sugar Bowl, Fruit & Wall Paper'
'Blue & White Vase with Eucalypt'
'Pomegranate with Wall Paper'
'Blue & Copper Jug with Peaches'
Lemons and Jug
Sunflowers and Pear
Tulips, Peaches, Wooden Box
Still Life Daisies
King Cottage Quinces
Packham Pears
Arum Lillys Pear & Ginger Jar