Megan Anderson


Hangdog is the creative venture of Megan Anderson, a writer turned artist with a thing for dogs.

Megan paints with a doggist point of view and a sense of humour, capturing the essence of dog with a few wry brush strokes. Hangdog artworks are ironic, smile-inducing and full of character – complete with a calming, understated colour palette.

Hangdog is designed for discerning dog lovers with an eye for quality. The fine art prints are professionally printed with archival inks on fetching etching rag paper. They have a life span of about 700 dog years. That is, they won’t fade in your lifetime. They won’t pee on anyone’s carpet, either.

Hangdog HQ is in Fremantle, Western Australia, where the pooch creations happen with supervision from Indi, a most complex golden retriever.

"Word Is You're Carrying"
"Still No?"
"Is This A Ruse?"
"Throw Like A Girl"
"Last One"
"Bring It"
Run That By Me Again
Meaning What Exactly
Yes You Are