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Teresa Fernandez is a Perth based contemporary artist who works in various mediums including
acrylics, mixed media and textiles. Curiosity and experimentation are significant motivators resulting
in art that is not placed within the boundaries of a single style. Teresa’s work can vary between still
life and abstract and almost anything in between, she is more interested in discovery that settling
into one form of expression.
Teresa began painting as a way to find balance in the highly structured world of corporate
engineering in which she has spent a great deal of her working life. Starting art studies in her late
twenties at Perth Central Institute of Technology, that learning has continued in varied forms over
the years and she has now been a full time practicing artist for six years.
Finding inspiration and subject matter in everyday life, she uses her ‘backyard’ in Perth as source of
endless stimulation: the beach, the bush, the path to the letterbox. ‘I like to celebrate the daily,
which means it can be a different celebration every day. To find beauty in the mundane: a gnarly
tree branch, the contents of a supermarket shelf or the things that wash up on the beach. To
treasure unexpected finds: on the street verge clean-up, in a coat pocket, at the back of the



teresa fernandez

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