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Deborah zibah

Deborah began painting in the plein air style when she joined the Mandurah group in
November 2015. Creating significantly diminished works as compared to her large scale
highly abstracted works for the interior design and architectural markets, presented a very
real challenge for Deborah. Until recently, her plein air studies demonstrated strong,
abstract elements in her paintings, but slowly, under the expert tuition of Leon Holmes’s
Master Class, her paintings have taken on a more representational flavour.
Deborah’s favourite subjects are scenes around the waterways of Mandurah. Dolphin Quay,
the Coodanup foreshore and river scenes of Furnissdale feature strongly in her work. This is
partly due to Deborah’s fascination for how light is reflected on the surface of the water but
she also chooses locations where her faithful dog, Chloe, can happily wallow in the water while she works. 

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