Mia Laing

"Capturing the sun drenched beauty of our lifestyle in Western Australia is my main goal with my paintings.  I aim to seek out and express in paint, the quiet beauty, sensitivity and emotion I see in my daily life living on the coast of WA.”

"I paint the simplicity of still life I find in my own home, the beach and water playgrounds that Western Australia is known for, our incredible wildlife, our stunning landscapes and of course, our ever present companions...our pets.  As long as an image is beautiful and filled with light, I’ll try and paint it!"

Mia’s love of photography has enabled her to capture the intense light and deep shadow that plays around us in Western Australia. Photography helps her ‘freeze’ the magic of a moment; moments that often go unnoticed in the hectic, frantic pace of our daily lives, and allows her to then recreate it as an oil painting.


Joyful, heartfelt storytelling, capturing quiet pensive moments; innocence in a fleeting glance; the movement and spell binding colour of play under water; the gentle interaction between pets and their people and still-life that is awash with light, beauty and simplicity. 

All A Twitcher
Slim Pickings
Fruit Box
Pretty Little Things
Garden Delights
Bush Ballard
Cherry Crush
City Farmer
'The Girl In The Dress'
'Annabelle Was Feeling A Little Sheepish'
'Blossom Magic'
'Feels Like Coming Home'
'United We Stand'
'The Power Of One'
'Summer's Gift'
In Memory of You
The Platter Project
Smoothie It Over
Art Furpreciation
'Golden Shadows'