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Creativity is an innate part of my being and I cannot imagine living without it in some form, making, writing, drawing, painting.

My favourite way of working is to gather the seeds of ideas or a comprehensive weave of stories which could develop over a year or so. This might include researching historical content or hearsay and fashioning these bulbs into a body of work which carries my own spin, offering an eclectic range from cameo shoots of life as well as fanciful interpretations, akin to sitting yourself in the landscape and waiting for the drama to unfold.

Painting in her signature medium of oil predominantly, her work can be charming, captivating and magical. The quality of the sensual confident brushwork broods over time.

Tammy Andrews has a renowned distinctive style, has studied in Australia as well as internationally and is a Curtin University graduate.

Follow Tammy's journey on her instagram account, @tammyandrewsartist


tammy andrews

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