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Anne Gee

"My childhood days unfolded in the West Australian country seaside

town of Albany.


My dad drew with my sister and me and took us on drawing trips on the weekend and out collecting beetles, insects and butterflies which we classified,

set and displayed.

My mother enriched me with her beautiful sense of aesthetics. She could find beauty in just about anything. She has a strong affinity with sea and the ocean, her mother lived in a lighthouse as a young child, with her father, a harbour master. 

I've always loved to paint, draw and arrange momentary sculptures. My latest fascination involves paper cut art, maps, paper sculpture and the use of vintage books, vintage papers and characters in my work."

You Lift my Heart
Engraved Keepsake Pots
Engraved Keepsake Pots 2
Engraved Keepsake Pots 3
A Boy's Own Adventure
Little Lucy All At Sea
Engraved Mango Timber
Hearts Fly Free
Spirit Owl
Wooden Engraved Boards
He Hovers ALoft
Lucy at Sea
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