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joie Villeneuve

Joie Villeneuve was born in Minnesota, USA and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.  After spending a decade in New Mexico, being swooned by the landscape and the light, she immigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 2008 and now considers this home.


In addition to regular gallery exhibitions, her work is included in numerous private and corporate collections.


As a teenager, Joie's passion for art making intensified when her high school art instructor offered her the opportunity to explore multiple techniques and materials.  she has continued with this inquisitive and explorative nature, refining and honing her skills over the past 30+ years. 


The transformation taking place in Joie's current work is a reflection of her slowing down and experiencing the complexities of life.  She works with many different tools, materials and techniques to achieve this.  Colour, texture, pattern and organic forms are layered into a visual tapestry that hint at the underlying intricacy of life. 

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