Bronwyn Gaze

"Farmacy"  Bronwyn's family were not particularly artistic in any way, but like so many people, there was a Grandmother.

A very creative Grandmother, who showed her young granddaughter the world of art galleries, libraries, pottery, embroidery and the beach.  She cooked exotic meals that she had enjoyed on long sea voyages to England.  


The groundwork was done and the seed was sown...a slow and often reluctant germination!

Karen McKay, Leon Pericles, Dreyfus Gates, Bronwen Newbury, Bo Laidler, Judith Lambert, John Garde and the works of Fred Williams  and other founding Australian artists continue to inspire and challenge Bronwyn.

Scruffy bushland, windswept paddocks, bleached salty creeks, broken fence lines, burnt orange breakaways and deep green rivers are some of her favourite themes.

Bronwyn is not a prolific artist, but undertakes the occasional commission and enjoys landing paintings as wedding gifts on unsuspecting newlyweds, and donating paintings for fundraising for worthy causes.

Bronwyn has been showing at Art Trail Exhibitions for approximately 15 years.  Her works are on display at Ferngrove Winery, and Alkoomi Winery in Frankland River, Gallery Aura Kojonup, Gnowangerup CRC and Ongerup CRC.

Sappers Bridge
The Boundary
Six Mile Creek 2
Six Mile Creek 3
Bremer River
Six Mile Creek 1