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Ann Steer

Ann Steer Art Gallery showcases original ocean art, and beach prints, greeting cards and postcards. 


"I developed my style without formal qualifications or study – my first choice of medium being pastels, I was hooked from the first moment my eyes set sight on those pretty rows of chalk and the glorious abundance of colour. Take a peek inside someone’s pastel box and you can almost get a sense of their personality. With that in mind, I've spent the past   year’s experimenting through bravery, mistakes and a determination to grow and develop my own style.

I try to paint quite varied subjects but I am always drawn back to our beautiful beaches, an endless supply of inspiration. Light plays such a big part in my painting process, I especially love that time on the beach when the day is starting to cool, the shadows are creeping past the sand dunes, changing from hues of pinks to purple and blue as the sun sets and you can contemplate the wonderful day that has been had."

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