Shirley Fisher

"Art for me began as a four year old in England. I will always remember the smell of wax crayons and plastercine on my first day at school. The excitement I felt to have those big sticks of colour to play with on large sheets of butcher’s paper. I loved drawing then and my memories have never faded."


While most of her works are executed in pastel, she also does many of her works in oils and acrylics. You will see as you navigate through this album that the common thread of the images is the use of her vibrant, colourful palette.

Ferrous Red
Girt By Sea
Pinky Beach Autumn
Above Kalamina Gorge
Kalamina - Cool Water
Dale's Gorge Rim
Hancock Gorge
Munjina Gorge
Above Dale's Gorge
Kimberley Aglow
Cockburn Ranges
Karijini Colours